A rare opportunity – the only privately owned sea island in Baltics with a valid detailed plan will be sold in an exclusive auction.

The auction is set to begin on May 20th at 15:00 EEST and registered participants shall have the opportunity to bid on a truly rare real estate. Hõralaid is the only 100% privately owned sea island in the Baltic States with a valid detailed plan that allows for construction of buildings. Starting price of the auction is set at €480 000.

There are 318 islands in Estonia that are larger than one hectare. Most of them are uninhabitable or have restrictions due to nature protection requirements. The island of  Hõralaid near Hiiumaa, with its 239 660 m2 surface area, is large enough to feature gorgeous sea views, lots of nature, forests and meadows. It is perfect for someone who values privacy and the valid detailed plan allows the construction of a large enough building for a summer residence or even move there and opt for a totally self-sufficient setup, living independently from the rest of the world. 

This really is a very unique real-estate for the whole Baltic States region since the closest islands of comparable size and building rights are currently only sold in Finland.  Owning an island is considered to be an indication of a person’s status in the Nordic countries with many influential people opting to reside on an island to enjoy their privacy. This auction will enable one lucky person to buy themselves an island in Estonia. 

The auction of Hõralaid is a private auction where the current owner opted to organize it in a special online auction platform commonly used by Enforcement agents and Trustees in Bankruptcy as it allows for a fair and impartial process. All auction proceedings are logged and listed in the final report. 

Quick facts about Hõralaid

Total area: 239 660 m2

Residential land: 6060 m2

Arable land: 233 600 m2

A valid detailed plan that allows for the construction of buildings and a boating dock (marina for small boats)

The new owner will find beautiful nature, forests, sea views and privacy on the island. 

Starting price: 480 000€.

Registrations will close at 20.05.2024 13:00.

Auction will end at 22.05.2024 15:00.

Learn more: https://360degrees.ee

Quoting a leading Estonian real estate consultant and trainer Tõnu Toompark:

“A private island with building rights is undoubtedly a more unique of a real estate and a trophy than an apartment or a house in the historic Old Town of Tallinn. The person that will be able to buy it is very fortunate.”

Tõnu Toompark

Real Estate Consultant and Trainer