Participate in an exclusive auction of the unique private island of Hõralaid

This is an extremely rare opportunity as Hõralaid is a 100% private island property with a valid detailed plan.

Hõralaid – a unique, private island with building rights near Hiiumaa

As per publicly available info, Hõralaid is known to be the only 100% privately owned island in Estonia (and the Baltic states) where building is permitted. This makes it an extremely rare property that can now be purchased. Privately owned islands are not common in Estonia, but are highly valued in the Nordic countries and other parts of the world. 

Hõralaid consists of two properties with a combined total area of 239 660 m2. The properties will be sold as a single unit.

1. Residential land 100%, Hiiu county, Hiiumaa municipality, Vahtrepa village, Hõralaiu (cadastral code 63902:001:3378, area 6060 m2). The current detailed plan allows for the construction of a building with a surface area up to 150m2 and up to 2 floors. Number of buildings allowed: 2.

2. Arable land 100%, Hiiu county, Hiiumaa municipality, Vahtrepa village, Hõralaiu (cadastral code 63902:001:3377, area 233600 m2). Natural grassland, woodland, other land with coastal meadows and junipers.

Unlimited possibilities, a valid detailed plan and 360 degree views of the sea

Houses and apartments can be bought at will. A private island in Estonia is a rare, unique opportunity to acquire an extremely exclusive property. The new owner shall have endless possibilities to decide what or even if they want to build on the island as long as it follows the detailed plan. Some time ago the vision included a totally self-sustaining community to be established on the island, living there full-time.  

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