Property for sale, where Bolt couriers cannot deliver food and there are no neighbors to invite for a Friday night yard party! 

Real estate expert:

“There are simply no other offers like Hõralaid!”

During an interview at Kanal 2’s “Õhtu” program, Tõnu Toompark said that the sea island of Hõralaid, currently up for auction, is something truly unique. The real estate expert and trainer explained that the buyer of an island does have certain nuances to take into account when living on a private island. 

“This is the only privately owned sea island in the Baltics where construction of buildings is allowed by the detailed plan,” Toompark said. He continued to explain that “the fact that the new owner is allowed to build on the island, is an important factor that will significantly change the pricing of the real estate and is the reason this transaction is a very unique opportunity.”

The detailed plan for Hõralaid was approved by Pühalepa Municipality Council Decision No. 17 on 27th of December 2011.

  • The detailed plan is valid 
  • Up to 2 buildings may be erected on the 6060m2 of residential land
  • For residential building, the detailed plan allows for up to 150m2 of building area and up to two storeys
  • With water, harbour and building rights.

Toompark added that when buying such an island, there are various nuances that have to be taken into account. “A neighbour is unlikely to invite you to a party on a Friday night, and it’s probably difficult for Bolt’s courier to make deliveries to you,” he smiled. “But on a more serious note, the new owner will of course have to take into account the natural environment, bird and animal nesting, accessibility and the four seasons of Estonia.”

Hõralaid has an abundance of wildlife and beautiful nature*: 

  • 2.65km of coastline
  • The central part of the island is covered with pine bushes and shrubs, surrounded by a coastal meadow
  • As of 2006, 121 species of plants, 52 species of moss and 103 species of lichens have been found on the island.

Toompark said the starting price of the island is undoubtedly impressive, but the buyer is also likely to be someone who appreciates unique real estate properties and privacy. “At the same time, when you consider that this is a 24-hectare land with a starting price of €2 per m2, I would say it’s always a good idea to buy land, especially if it’s cheaper than a m2 of laminate flooring,” Toompark explained about the property’s potential.


Hõralaid was inhabited in the first half of the 20th century by a family and a farm. In 1944 a Soviet army observation tower was built there. Although the island has mainly been used as a sheep pasture, ruins of earlier buildings are still present. Other than that, one of the island’s previous owners also planned to establish a completely self-sufficient living environment there. What does the near future hold for Hõralaid? That is up to the new owner to decide, but the detailed plan is undoubtedly a great asset that will give the opportunity to plan the development of the island according to the vision of the buyer.

The nearest private islands for sale are in Finland and are priced in the €1-4 million range. Next week, participants shall have the opportunity to bid in the auction and become an island owner in Estonia. With water, harbour and building rights, the island could become a completely self-sufficient place to live, a permanent residence with a luxury villa or a holiday home – it’s up to the new owner! Expensive cars, boats and apartments in the city centre can be bought anytime, but an island like Hõralaid will only be available to one lucky winner in an auction starting on 20.05.24.

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